Should’ve Guessed

  It's said displacement tells us how the weighty stuff gets weighed.  We should've guessed.
  In my case, what's displaced is always what could not be stayed, we should've guessed.

  My hideaway's gone running out of cigarettes and all your favorite bribes.
  If you were more like I am you'd be easy to persuade, we should've guessed.

  I need a hobby, something that won't make me waste my ill-considered pride.
  The things that give you color are the things that make you fade, we should've guessed.

  The market on my weapons-grade materials has hit an all-time low.
  Your half-life stayed intact while mine'd already long decayed, we should've guessed.

  I'm not about to implicate accomplices who never knew your name.
  The secrets of the goddess nest within her golden braid, we should've guessed.

  With nothing but a cell phone photograph to go by, that and hand-me-downs,
  my evil twin came dressed as you at last night's masquerade, we should've guessed.

  I shouldn't let your enemies define how well I measure up to love.
  It's thirty in the moonlight when it's ninety in the shade, we should've guessed.

  Against reports I'd take the stand in my defense, I'll testify against.
  You've got to please your doctors if you want a passing grade, we should've guessed.

  I'm pre-configured, packaged, shrink-wrapped, mass-distributed where souls are sold.
  I've got me shaved, inspected, scrubbed down, powdered, dusted, sprayed, we should've guessed.

  It's superstitious, yeah, but I don't like to use the same knife more'n once.
  What's harder on your appetite goes easy on your blade, we should've guessed.

  When nothing's up for grabs, there's little reason lovers have to hold their poise.
  I never met a savior who's unwillingly betrayed, we should've guessed.

  My demolition's scheduled for the movies, hoping to appease my fans.
  Destruction's a creative engine how we get things made, we should've guessed.

  The longer version to this piece, I've posted it online for all to hear.
  I wouldn't need to say it twice if it weren't so cliched, we should've guessed.

  If silence is so virtuous, tell Sara why've you not yet been made saint.
  I found your lost words in the bed where last our love was laid.  We should've guessed.


2 Responses to “Should’ve Guessed”

  1. 2010.05.25 at 11:49 pm

    A most interesting story in this poem…thanks for sharing it.

  2. 2010.05.27 at 2:33 pm

    Thought I’d “barge” on over and get a peek at your blog. So much reading, so little time. But if I get my butt in gear, anything’s possible. Gotta also get on the Ghazal bandwagon. Good work.

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