Stuck the Night

  First things first, bathroom's back that way
  While you're at that, I'll pour us up the wine
  Chances are you've thought this your bad day
  Give me one good chance, I'll make it mine
  Really, make it that way, I'll not mind

  That there that's my brother's in the service
  He's there but not before he went fallen in love
  If anyone's force is risk to him damn if hers is
  He'll make it back though, that's what freedom's of
  He fights to keep it, she fights to use it up

    Rain's gone and blocked the best road out
    Looks like you're stuck the night and something more
    Which works out, that's what you have me for

  Call out so they don't think you're badly stranded
  Then let's let go what's meant to be turned off
  Let's sleep then wake like any girl and man did
  By then the storm should've long ago gone soft
  And left us free to leave before we're caught


2 Responses to “Stuck the Night”

  1. 1 sarachnid
    2010.06.23 at 2:53 am

    After six weeks of vain hopes she might be watching where she last let herself be seen, I’ve been trying this week to loosen up a little, not be so damn pitiful in my whining. With “stuck” as a prompt, it became way too easy to simply transfer all that energy to pitiful whining over everything else in which I’m stuck, even when I try like crazy to ignore the obvious “stuck” that has me by the throat.

    So after bleeding a few other cuts, this one was my attempt at a touch of romance, such as it is, me quite arguably not being the one to be even dreaming of such a chance. But the setting and the circumstances were, as has been noted, “a truth too close to be any fiction.” As any who’ve been around Houston know only too well, give us more than a few inches of rain any given day, and what looked flat before turns into an island system clogged with the worst of traffic. So after what he’d described as a day of storm worse than the rain that stranded him after giving me a ride to my place, yes, I put him up for the night.

    And got a lot else unstuck in the process. Romance? No, although that easily could have given us an island to get marooned on in and of itself, not that this poem needed to go there. But yes, as expected, the storm he’d come riding in on, that did indeed go soft on us before the morning swept the night’s clouds away. Had to do with that photograph, and who was there kissing my brother . . . then again, still finding it difficult to avoid writing of her, aren’t I?

  2. 2010.06.23 at 4:22 am

    Thanks for the poem and the comments about it…enjoyed reading it and visulizing the events of the poem.

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