The Meaning of Algebra

        — Lesson 1 —

                When I get stuck on these I need to look
                for meaning in the tail end of the book.
        — Lesson 2 —

                Like blackbirds on an endless wire
                at even intervals, count higher.
        — Lesson 3 —

                Recounting what's not minus to the soul,
                nothing makes the natural numbers whole.
        — Lesson 4 —

                The actress with her integral co-actor
                makes like her number's multiplying factor.
        — Lesson 5 —

                Except for two each prime is odd
                and like one nation under a god.
        — Lesson 6 —

                You want your x to be alone —
                until then he remains unknown.
        — Lesson 7 —

                To keep your balance, anything that's tried
                should be done equally to either side.


2 Responses to “The Meaning of Algebra”

  1. 1 Colette
    2010.06.27 at 2:42 am

    Sara, I believe math can be used as a metaphor for anything, and can solve nearly everything, if its logic is applied conscientiously. So don’t try to keep it under control! You won’t scare anyone away but those you can’t count on anyway. Regardless, your use of mathematics in your poetry is awesome and appreciated!

    • 2 sarachnid
      2010.06.27 at 8:11 pm

      Thanks, Colette. As noted elsewhere, Robert was the devil who made me do it this time, him and his prompting.

      This one will take me years, I fear, for one thing because I’m not all that good at math to be so audacious as to have let myself get hooked into attempting this, another thing being I don’t have a clue. Which at least should make it easy to lose control over.

      As anything should be, maybe.

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