Just a Word, Just a Word

Love that doesn't accept responsibility
enough to be there for another
is just a word, just a word.

Like, "Oh fuck, not again,"
comes to mind.

She seems to believe it this time,
as if it were what she knew all along
would happen once she lit her match
and stood back to watch.

Oh fuck.  Oh fuck.
I think that's all the poetry
I had left in me.
I give up too, then.
Nobody's there for nobody.
Should work out fine.
Look me up when it does.


1 Response to “Just a Word, Just a Word”

  1. 1 sarachnid
    2010.08.17 at 12:47 pm

    People who believe in selfish “love” – in a “love” so selfish that it rejects any and all responsibility to anyone other than their own self – don’t interest me, sorry. Nice to know you. Wish I’d known that going in, it would have spared us both a lot of time and effort for what’s turned out to be a lot of nothing.

    Love is an act, not just a concept or a word. And it is an act of choice, not just something that happens to work out. And it is not selfish. Something called love that loves only for its own self is not love, and love that thinks to love another without being responsible to that other still only seeks its own way and is not love. These are not merely opinions, like believing the sun rises where it sets: seek to find only yourself through love, and you never find love, and the self you find will be a loveless shadow of yourself.

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