Nothing Much

   Say, what're you taking away with you?
   Can I have it back when you're sure you're through?
      Oh, I'm only taking a leftover dream,
      an old one I thought you don't use no more
      and besides you'd already picked it clean
      — it's not like you'd not ever lost it before.
   That's all I was taking away with me
   but here take it back, may it help you see.

   Say, who're you taking along with you?
   Can I be her lover when you're both through?
      Oh, I'm just taking someone who's known to speak
      vernacular local to where I might go.
      Friends ain't hard to get, this one's not unique 
      — it's all in the wrist of your quid pro quo.
   That's who I was taking along with me
   but here you can have her as your devotee.

   Say what're you thinking'll be done with you?
   Can I do the same for me when you're all through?
      Oh, I'm only fixing to close it on out
      as it's not all it's made out as being of,
      and I don't give a fuck what the punchline's about
      — hell, seeings how all other cards trump love.
   That's what I was thinking'd be done with me
   but go on as you please and please leave me be.


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