The news tonight? Monotonous - a bore
      (repeated life-like underneath the breath 
      which having died in service says no more
      than as one might expect of senseless death).

      Like two who've once been lovers drifting off
      (where then each moment sparked the rarest flash)
      to distances now shrugged at, as though coughed
      into dry air - my thoughts of you spit ash.

      Should I still sleep with you my waking thought?
      (And must I shadow moves your hand might make?)
      Such silly secrets as our love once brought
      I thought so relevant – just my mistake?

      They let me come back home tonight.  Who'll care?
      (It's just as well -  you're on your own somewhere…)


1 Response to “Ambivalence”

  1. 2010.08.31 at 5:18 am

    Wow the way the poem is written and the title make a perfect pair for expressing this emotion…well crafted poem.

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