Whatever’s Left Between Us

   My pen's gone dry, goes off to write whatever
   comes along as though mere black on white whatever.

   Oh nothing much, you know, the usual this and that,
   you needn't care, I only thought you might. Whatever.

   That heart thing of us died off stopping cold
   going through its motions, as if despite whatever.

   Mean what I see? You get to want whatever you do,
   sucks to be me, out of mind out of sight. Whatever.

   I'll swallow almost any good excuse you feed me.
   When you're as hungry as I get, you'll bite whatever.

   It's my turn to be at fault again? Fine by me.
   Win whatever, lose whatever when you fight whatever.

   That other one, I aimed that one off at someone else,
   like how no moon's made so full just to light whatever.

   But hey, maybe this won't happen to be like last time?
   Perhaps things change on their own? Not quite? Whatever.

   So there went Sara memorizing herself all over again,
   on the chance you'd care to hear her recite whatever.


3 Responses to “Whatever’s Left Between Us”

  1. 2010.08.31 at 2:24 pm

    You have captured that “whatever” stage in a relationship amazingly well…well I’m not sure psychologist have called it that yet…but they should…to my mind an excellent poem.

  2. 2011.01.26 at 1:42 pm

    neither this silence nor any other will consume you or your love

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