Change Is How They Keep Me From Staying the Same

   Used to, I could make me a fist
   that would knot my fingers to the wrist.
      I changed.

   Used to be so good at playing dead
   as if I'd shot myself through my head.
      I grew out of it.

   I used to get off watching the news
   so I'd know what I've got to lose.
      All gone.

   I've learned to sing the alto part
   and how to know the words by heart.
      You start, I'll join in.

   What doesn't bend me keeps me straight,
   let's risk us a little excess weight.
      I can always drop it.

   Had me an accent with a drawl
   but lost that to the urban sprawl.
      Too far south, it spread.

   Knew my way around every damn sin,
   now I've gone and got myself lost again.
      Save me, save me.

   I'm even different in the nude,
   a different posture, different mood.
      New pills do that.

   They took all the pieces out of me
   that might set off security.
      I'm so normal.

   So change keeps me from staying the same,
   so I'm all changed now, nice and tame.
      How do I look?

   Went in to get told what I'm about,
   told next time I'll not get let out.
      So long.


1 Response to “Change Is How They Keep Me From Staying the Same”

  1. 2010.10.23 at 2:27 pm

    What a wonderful poem to start my day with…I love the flow and tone of the poem…I read it aloud as I sipped on my morning coffee…the two went well together. 😉

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