What I Love About

   What I love about, I love because,
   because what's loved about these practiced flaws
   unloved between, then their love I forego
   so as to love within a love I'd know
   to be about love born of my faux pas.

   They're waiting for me. They make up the laws
   to choose between fast forward, rewind, pause
   or eject. What's the problem, doc?  So
                           what?  I love

   about the same as any lover does.
   It's not about you nor for your applause,
   it's not to get you where I love to go
   nor having been there once, to leave as though
   I'm here for what will be, what is, what was
                           what I love.


1 Response to “What I Love About”

  1. 2010.10.27 at 5:07 pm

    I love the way the words in the poem swirl around…spinning the reader’s thoughts.

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