ain’t ready

          ain't ready to live
          i'm still dreaming
          as though life were merrily merrily streaming
          — my rowboat's a damn sieve

          ain't ready to dress
          i'm still sweating
          this pair of jeans's the only one i'll be getting
          — i don't put things on to impress

          ain't ready to work
          i'm still resting
          and the limits of negligent ineptitude testing
          — job security's such a nice perk

          ain't ready to write
          i'm still thinking
          so far not much's worth the penning and inking
          — much less to recite

          ain't ready to move
          i'm still packing
          i've got boxes for all the stuff i'm still lacking
          — always room to improve

          ain't ready to smoke
          i'm still rolling
          off to where anti-smoke laws are controlling
          — care for a toke?

          ain't ready to add
          i'm still counting
          without having that much of it do much amounting
          — my math does look rather sad

          ain't ready to eat
          i'm still fasting
          and will do so whether i'm short- or long-lasting
          — no veggies, no starches, no meat

          ain't ready to save
          i'm still spending
          wasting my credit account down its descending
          — here comes a commercial, watch me crave

          ain't ready to shoot
          i'm still aiming
          any personal responsibility disclaiming
          — war's so cute

          ain't ready to love
          i'm still hurting
          what might hurt me again i'm better off skirting
          — i'm not yet what a lover's made of

          ain't ready to die
          i'm still sinning
          just tell me when eternity's started beginning?
           — i want time to tell one more good lie


1 Response to “ain’t ready”

  1. 2010.11.02 at 9:43 pm

    Now if we could just add some music to this we would have one very fine country-western tune. 🙂 Seriously I did enjoy this one.

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