The Second, Before

     "Past loving, love still." Now where do I turn
     when that’s the move my heart tells me to make
     yet nothing inside’s yet prepared to wake
     and what wakes anyway moves to adjourn?
     "Before love, love on." Why’s that voice so stern?
     It’s not my turn, there no piece I can take,
     nor have I worked out strategies to fake.
     Besides, there isn’t yet a win to earn.
     Enough, I think, to just love what’s the now,
     instead of working toward love in advance
     or not, then too late loving to allow
     myself the freedom fit a lover’s vow
     to be there under any circumstance.
     I’ll be there then, although I can’t say how.
                                   [posted for Sara as of date written;
                                   originally posted at Poetic Asides]

1 Response to “The Second, Before”

  1. 2013.06.11 at 12:28 am

    ‘what wakes anyway moves to adjourn…”..that line just reverberated in my mind…wow…really a fine verse.

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