Location Ain’t Always All It’s About

     Somewhere north of that bar you wish to raise
     is where I'm aiming, out to hit your praise
     or anything resembling it.  No lie,
     I still act like you've set the standard high
     enough. I guess we all go through that phase.

     Like you know all the slick tricks to amaze
     your audience?—those cheap teasing displays,
     your "Is it here? Is this it?" Uh...no. Try
               somewhere north of that.

     I've lain in limbo long enough.  Malaise
     will kill my spirit if my body stays
     here waiting as if hoping you're nearby.
     I'm thinking I might move, you'll catch on why:
     look for Lake Erie, then go drive a ways
               somewhere north of that.

1 Response to “Location Ain’t Always All It’s About”

  1. 2010.11.04 at 1:38 pm

    Interesting emotions expressed in this poem…enjoyed reading it.

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