We’ll Just Have To Disagree To Agree

     You're so right, I can't argue, we waste each other's time
     to sweet oblivion, and like you said, I'm no good for you,
     I'm your coffee like you're my chocolate, we should stop
     pretending we're an accident, too true, we don't get along
     well without each other, you're right, we should go slow 
     so we can savor every minute, sure this is just plain wrong
     feeling this good, right, we shouldn't see each other again
     the way others see us, not ever again.  Yes, I hate you
     leaving me alone like this, that too, but this won't work
     without the whipped cream, hurry back, I expect too much
     fun out of disagreeing with you even more. I don't love you
     enough, not nearly as much as I want, you're always right
     for me, I keep thinking I'm dreaming and I'm always wrong.


1 Response to “We’ll Just Have To Disagree To Agree”

  1. 2010.11.08 at 7:55 pm

    A series of contradictions served up in the poem…just like life.

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