Tell Me Why You Bother Me

      I'm telling you true, true as I know how.
      Some things, they're best not thought out loud.
                  You get in my way.
                  Making me move.
            Why do you bother me?

      I'd already closed up, turned out the light.
      I've liked alone with its no need to try.
                  Face up to facts.
                  There's an again.
            What'd you mean bothering me?

            Had me stopped dead halfway down my stairs.
            Remembering the first few words of some old song.
            Making friends with the lighter side of a tear.
            Slipping into something more comfortable.
            Easier to be what I want to be in.
            Starting all over what's wanting to begin.
            Wanting more, wanting so badly more.
            Bother me more.

      Don't think of others, don't watch the hour.
      Don't stop how you're doing it to ask if I'm sure.
                  That's how I get.
                  All the damned time.
            Know why you bother me?


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