Rightly or Wrongly

   What's right on the money's wrong on the street.
   What's wrong for keeping's just right to delete.

   What's right for the living for's wrong for its dead.
   What's wrong left unfelt's just right touched in the head.

   What's right in sheer hatred's wrong if for love.
   What's wrong making for's just right when made of.

   What's right as it's matching me's wrong as it's rhymed.
   What's wrong for misplacing's just right badly timed.

   What's right blowing easily's wrong dripping dry.
   What's wrong as its lowdown's just right getting high.

   What's right shooting up's wrong for shooting down.
   What's wrong going verbal's just right as its noun.

   What's right ending soon enough's wrong getting stretched.
   What's wrong getting drawn out's just right being sketched.

   What's right coming after's wrong going before.
   What's wrong making peace with's just right making war.

   What's right when you do it's wrong were I to.
   What's wrong for you writing's just right like I do.


1 Response to “Rightly or Wrongly”

  1. 2010.11.21 at 2:17 am

    Thought thois was brilliant writing.

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