Through It All

   Roll the last bus.
   This tunnel will run
   through our empty bed
   through your trial balloon
   through a boat in drydock
   through what we dug down for
   through a false heart attack
   through a random ad lib
   through heaven's mad hell
   through what good time we had
   through the razor's sharp edge
   through my medical files
   through a groom and his bride
   through your heart in mine
   through what's next in line
   through a thought I can't hide
   through the uncrowded aisles
   through the eye of a pledge
   through what more could I add
   through so long farewell
   through our baby's crib
   through the scar in my back
   through our dirtiest war
   through your key in my lock
   through the next fullblown moon
   through each word I've not said
   and I've paid the toll, Hon,
   for the both of us.


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