Permissively, Sara

      I gave myself permission to wake
      before knowing what day to make.
      I wound up in tomorrow first,
      a day I'd not yet had rehearsed.
            I'll have to try it again tomorrow.

      I gave myself permission to cry
      without the need to justify.
      I'm done already. That was quick.
      It's time to learn another trick.
            Tears never did work for me.

      I gave myself permission to write,
      then found some rhymes to reunite.
      But soon they once again divorced
      each claiming their alliance forced.
            I'd make a terrible rhyme marriage counselor.

      I gave myself permission to smile,
      but chose a version out of style.
      Some people laughed while others stared
      as if they thought me unprepared.
            That got another smile out of me.

      I gave myself permission to hurt
      so bad I had to change my shirt
      although it's nothing, just a smudge
      I'd get from almost any nudge.
            I should try harder next time.

      I gave myself permission to dance
      in case I'd maybe get the chance.
      Unlike Walt, I've dextral feet,
      might trade him one if we should meet.
            Mine keep proving two rights can do me wrong.

      I gave myself permission to love,
      not knowing what God made me of:
      I'm one who loves without constraint.
      Regrettably my lover ain't.
            Don't stop me.


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