Give Me Space

      A clue, if it's not too much to impose, how's a girl to breath,
      if you could spare me some of your wisdom, how's a girl to think,
      if I may be so bold to expect an answer, how's a girl to live?


      Yes, do give me a clue if you would, what's in all this for you,
      and do give it your best shot, what do you expect to gain from it,
      and do give up playing games, what is it you're wanting me to be?


      Yeah? Do say. So then if I can know yet, what's in my files on me,
      and if it wouldn't be asking to much, what've you planned for me,
      and I've always wanted to know, what exactly do you see in my face?


      I know, I do know. A girl like me should be open to good therapy,
      and I know, a girl like me should not get so bitchy about control,
      and I really do know, a girl like me should learn to know her place.

      Except I don't do as I'm told and won't be what I'm supposed to be,
      and besides you're crowding me with all your restrictions and meds,
      and besides I'm not cut out for being so predictable your machine.

      Besides I never actually did buy into believing I ever belonged here
      and I've got you dragging me by the collar down into your damn hole
      and someone else still holding on, and I don't fit well in between.

            Give             me             space!


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