folded over

folded over

preface: emerging from discussion of how my previous ovillejo’s “first draft” technically was the first written notes of first draft thoughts of how the mad comic back cover fold-in pix feel like some ovillejo, where the first sestet is like the full picture, while ovillejo’s key feature of combined echo of the repetends is like folding the pic to reveal a new image / like origami will fold in some parts to hide so a new shape emerges / how even other poems frequently felt the same, with the images & words emerging as snapshots taken on the run folded from of a more continuous “full-page” version of reality / et cetera how life on the run has that feel / & technically those thoughts were the true “first draft” of life’s like that

discussion of which (with my closest poetry friend) led to how that’s like exercises taking poetry classics then cutting & coloring & pasting & rearranging like origami to produce a new poem / a poem in a poem in a poem, like when one remembers a dream of dreaming a dream of a memory – that’s how some ovillejoes feel writing then reading & sometimes flipping themselves unexpectedly / thoughts & discussion of which then form the background “pre”-first draft for this next in line

a poem within a poem folded over a poem

a poem within
a poem folded
over a poem

in line with the fold/hide/reveal idea, i like how “win” is a word inside “within” so will revise the second rhyme pair to match that idea

within – win
so: crease – cease

win / a poem within
cease / a poem in the crease
of a poem

thought of changing “poem” to a word that would have 2 inner words both of which would also rhyme, for the ovillejo’s third rhyme group, but can think of no suitable replacement, so first draft heads the other way: words that have the letters for “poem” within them that are at least close rhyme to “poem”

& since i really don’t rhyme just for the hell of rhyming (if it doesn’t, then i go with near rhyme, with no rhyme, or i just trash the idea altogether), this one will fly only if the following two can do what they should with the folds –
– polychrome
– prodrome

seems conceivable enough to run with it a step or two more: the couplet with my 4th rhyme group, wherein i want to pull this all back to prompt – “on the run” – but fold in something from my yesterday: how what i folded in made his fold out, and vice versa (what i truly feel needed there will have to wait for later drafts: i think i need the couplet to palindrome for me) / for it to capture the fold/unfold aspect from yesterday in the spirit of the prompt, i need to touch on planning vs spontaneity or one of my pet themes of chance vs control

tentative 4th rhyme pair: design / in line

thereby yielding my first draft, with working title as it ermerged somewhere along the way, and tentatively aiming for making this a traditional ovillejo vis a vis the sestet having 3 questions scoping out the theme –

-folded over-

blablah blablah blablah blah for the win?
the poem within.

blablah blablah blah revelations cease?
the poem in the crease.

(what do we make of it) prodrome?
the poem

seeing black & white blablah blablah blah polychrome
blablah blablah blablah blah run in line
blablah blablah blablah blah run by design:
the poem within the poem in the crease: the poem


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