on the run

                     "Do you not know that in a race
                     all the runners run, but only one
                     gets the prize? Run in such a way
                     as to get the prize."
                            —I Corinthians 9:24
                     "Defeat: For every winner,
                     there are dozens of losers.
                     Odds are you’re one of them."
                            —Demotivational Poster
       on the run to push this one out the door,
       too rushed to work it any more
       than this, pick up its cues
       on your own, and excuse
       my hurry, such’re spoils of war
       not that i’m a poetry whore
       just in it for a score
       to pocket for me to lose or use
                                   on the run
       time for something else i’m in it for
       any more of this gets me neither nor
       so no thanks, prizes i refuse
       i’m off on a road trip with my muse
       new times and places to explore
                                   on the run
                                          [originally posted at Poetic Asides]

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