got ’em on the run

they’re running through the cabinets
they’re running through the shelves
they’re running from us as much as
they’re running from themselves

they’re running through spaghetti
they’re running through the rice
they’re running through the fridge
and even through the freezer’s ice

they’re running through the blanket
they’re running through the sheet
they’re running round the toilet bowl
and across the toilet seat

they’re running through my laundry
they’re running through Button’s box
they’re even running through my folded
shirts, undies, and socks

with roaches racing all about
soon they’ll all be gone
although we haven’t chased ’em out
we got ’em on the run!
first draft notes – thanks david! he’s been laughing more than fussing today, putting up with my crazy brain – & so this one came from a suggestion he had after i complained he was only chasing the itch around & he’d heard enough of y’all today already to supply riposte to the effect that at least he had the itch “on the run” then teased that i should do a poem on his chase but that would go places i only let him go so remembering maggie’s love is a cockroach made this an easy switchto – clearly first draft, since this needs to take the chase through enough terrain to be truly disgusting…


1 Response to “got ’em on the run”

  1. 2010.11.27 at 2:41 pm

    I came looking for your villanelle – it’s great the way your thought processes are a part of the poem. A poetry lesson for me! As for this one: you need some of that magic chalk from Madagascar and a flip-flop in every room to give ’em a headache.

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