Counting Down

    One o'clock, Sara's smoothly quick
        finishing another trick.
    Another trick will see her done
        as quickly as another one.

    Two o'clock, Sara's brushing hair.
        It's not the same as being there,
    since being there would have had you
        brushing her another two.

    Three o'clock, Sara's fading dark
        letting it erase its mark.
    Its mark was never much to see
        while fading through another three.

    Four o'clock, Sara's breathing hard
        while images her head bombard.
    They bombard her a little more
        to breathe at her another four.

    Five o'clock, Sara turns content
        that you had not her way been sent.
    Where you got sent's a hard night's drive
        contented with another five.

    Six o'clock, Sara catches light
        left over from a distant night.
    That night went distant. Nothing sticks
        enough to catch another six.

    Seven o'clock,...


1 Response to “Counting Down”

  1. 2010.11.29 at 4:09 pm

    Really love reading these and thinking about the structure and the way you convey the message.

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