Lined Up

                        You never could stop long enough not to go.
               You know
                  that won't say you've not a place to sleep
                     where I keep
            on staying put. Going's you, staying put's me.
                           The key
      is how the changes in our moments still agree.
         I'm riding strong in each storm you'll concoct.
            And even though my door stays shut and locked,
                                    you know where I keep the key.


1 Response to “Lined Up”

  1. 1 sarachnid
    2010.12.02 at 6:48 pm

    another early outtake from november lifted from the pages of one of my moleskines – original draft version wanted to go two ovilloes with the second reminding her there is no time at all that the door may not be opened by her hand, crossing with how there is no road she can choose that will not have my wind blowing through it – electing for now just to let the initial ovillejo of the pair stand on its own – might come back for another pass on the second ovillejo of the pair later, if i can tighten how that feels distinct but connected – like, on my door, it’s not only knowing that she can (knows where the key is) but that at any time at all of her choosing she may without asking prior permission, that there is nothing she would ever find me doing that she would be unwelcome or uninvited or excluded from – ok but there’s a similar mirror i feel on the crossover in our moments that i don’t feel i’ve quite pinned down enough yet for making a second ovillejo part of this

    (ml, them kind of notes, right? – l,s)

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