Not Ready for Winter

      With the south still too recently clinging to my roots,
      no, I've still not got myself a good pair of boots.

      And I'd really expected to warm my hands in my love's,
      so my fingers'll frostbite without mittens or gloves.

      I've no hat or earmuffs, just this head of thin hair.
      And get real, can you picture me in long underwear?

      I've no snowmobile, no snowboard, no showshoes, no skis.
      And without a scarf to wrap up in, my nose'll freeze.

      But what I'm missing most against the season's threat
      is what I need the most. I should prepare, I know, yet

      without you here to see it through to spring with me,
      I'm not ready for how long and cold this winter'll be.


1 Response to “Not Ready for Winter”

  1. 2010.12.04 at 4:45 pm

    Winters alone can be twice as cold….your poem reminded me of days in my past.

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