Form Contains

                        Within the storm? Around the storm?
                     My form.
                  Regains? Constrains? Remains? Explains?
            And that ensures my liberty?
                                 What's free?

      I don't arrive home instantly.
         I open up. I make it close
            to feel it move, to know what goes.
                        My form contains what's free.


1 Response to “Form Contains”

  1. 1 sarachnid
    2010.12.05 at 3:00 pm

    another of over ten dozen november outtakes scribbled in private or secondary blogs, offline files, my moleskines, or sometimes just stray scraps of paper available at the time – this one from nov 5-6 responding to the prompt of nov 4 re containment/container – here i was still feeling the freedom of being back home after over a month of confinement but also finding nicely familiar the special freedom i take in self-confinement to my own room

    but then of course playing a little with the constant argument over whether form poetry is any less free than free verse

    in late october i had decided that one of my november threads would be to do at least one ovillejo each day & had done so from nov 1 – but unless i’ve lost a scrap somewhere i think this was my first ovillejo to adhere strictly to all the formal constraints of the most traditional version of the form: octosyllabic on the longer lines, a 3-Q&A format to the opening sestet, et cetera – & my choice to follow such strict adherence of course meant to reflect back on my distaste for the forced confinement i had come from but my love of the freedom i do find in my own – not that i captured all of that as much as i might like, but that’s what was going on when i scribbled it down in the moleskine i was using then

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