Looking for the Exit

      Looking for the exit isn't hard, it's going through
      it fast enough to keep from getting vacuumed back into
      the bag they've started for tomorrow's trash. You pick up speed
      easily enough once you've crossed the threshold. What'll impede
      your progress before that edge is what the attempt'll make you do.
      They label it "release" as if the label makes it true
      not just for them, but equally to me, and through me you.
      Tell me, how many before us have been similarly freed
                                                looking for the exit?
      Thing is, do I need to make an exit, or is it enough to bid adieu
      and let them think I left so they can move on to next in queue?
      We can even get an affidavit where you'd tell them you concede
      so they think they gotten through to us as planned, while we'd
      wrap the room wall to wall reciting our dreams as though deja vu,
                                                looking for the exit.


3 Responses to “Looking for the Exit”

  1. 2010.12.07 at 1:15 pm

    Absence of an effective exit strategy for bringing our loved ones home from the war, or how artificially impersonal therapy can be for helping a patient out of an institutional setting, or the tight closed-in walls we can lock ourselves up in within our own minds, or the sad pain of fashioning a survival that extends beyond the emergence from a loving relationship – whichever exit or any other exit or all of them together as reflections of each other, I don’t even need to know which you are voicing here to feel the haunting in your words and in the repetition of the form you have used. Although you sounded a little frustrated like you’d not quite said it like you wanted to, it paints such sharp pictures to me, even when the uncertainty and ambiguity and evasiveness show. I never liked poetry before and never bothered reading any, but this I am sincerely touched by. It has your eyes and speaks with your voice. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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