For Your Poetry, Love

                        It doesn't need clean meter or clear rhyme.
                  not that into form. I'm in it more 
            how your voice makes your language fit
      into the edge of a moment I'll not quit.
         You speak, and I can't wait til we undress.
            It may not be poetry to you, but hell yes,
                                          I'm for it!


5 Responses to “For Your Poetry, Love”

  1. 1 sarachnid
    2010.12.07 at 9:19 pm

    yes i’m putting together a small collection of 19 of my november poems (out of over 380 written during the month! – meaning i’ll be culling out less than 5%, counting by separate pieces – & since each of those will be only a page’s worth, wordcount-wise i’m cutting it down to way less than 5% – then again, don’t get me started talking about how much i would want to change in the other 95%+, were i to have the time) – but of the 10 dozen or so moleskine outtakes such as this, i don’t think any of what i have left will make it to the selected collection

    this one, though, gave me a special smile on a day when i’ve been given so many special smiles from the one for whom this was written a month ago – back then i was indulging in some playful teasing to jot this down & read it aloud to him from my scribbling – today a month later it’s just pure fun to laugh over it together

    thanks d – xox, s

  2. 2010.12.07 at 10:29 pm

    Ah…I do like this one..captures some of my feelings also.

  3. 2010.12.19 at 7:07 am

    I do so LOVE your POETRY!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmm

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