Before I Forget

                        Dried dirt. No cash. Twenty one more
                  the turn. Black ice. Conditions why
            run dark. Thrown free. Run straight yet
      to look the right direction. Wet
         to my skin. Twenty more and then
            I break sharp left. Let me know when,
                                          before I forget.


1 Response to “Before I Forget”

  1. 2010.12.15 at 10:28 pm

    Before you forget, what had you gone out for?
    you forget, which turn took the way you knew?
    will forget, yes, but getting lost’s no threat.
    it all, and you’ll still make it home’s my bet.

    Wet and crashed, flat broke, in ice and dirt?
    Dream back how badly loving used to hurt,
                            before you forget.

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