Will Be Done 2

All will be done.
        Nothing will yet have come again.
                Life only. Love only.
        All else will be done.
        All else will fall away.
                All will have been lost, forgotten, unknown.
        Every wall will collapse.
                None will yet have been laid again.
        Every tower will crumble.
                None will yet have been built again.
        Every road will fade.
                None will yet have been traced again.
        Every plane will fall.
        Every boat will sink.
        Every car and truck will be junked.
                None will yet have been brought back.
        Every tree will burn away.
                None will yet have found soil again.
        Every mountain will be thrown down.
                None will yet have been raised again.
        Every ocean will evaporate.
                None will yet have been filled again.
        Every moon and every star will be consumed.
                None will yet have been thrown back into their sky.
        Every bird and every insect,
        every beast and every fish,
        every worm and creature of every world,
        all will be gone.
                None will yet have been created again.
        Every man and every woman will die.
        But for her and but for him, all else will die.
                None will yet have been conceived again.
        Every god and every goddess will leave.

2 Responses to “Will Be Done 2”

  1. 2012.08.18 at 4:58 pm

    Makes me think of Revelations.

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