Excess Excess

        I've been regaining weight I will not need
        to get me far enough to get close enough
        to bottom. No, I don't want to feed
        myself excesses I'd already ridden my body of.
        Too much age! I'm doing my years too fast
        with little to show for as as much as I have to do
        to be leaving. No, I don't want it all to last
        in excess past the time it took to love you.
                Gets me excessively second-guessing,
                        what with all my excessing.
        I'm feeling more pain than I can hope to numb
        enough to get myself a good night of sleep
        with no waking. No, but let the nightmares come —
        Each excess they make will be an excess I will keep.

2 Responses to “Excess Excess”

  1. 2012.08.28 at 3:11 am

    ” I’m feeling more pain than I can hope to numb..” such a brilliant line…this one I shall commit to memory…thanks!

    • 2 sarachnid
      2012.08.28 at 11:12 am

      I’m not complaining. Like how good health comes with getting my weight back up where they say it belongs and maybe a little wisdom comes with the age, pain is my chocolate. And no matter how much else I have forgotten, chocolate remains a constant needing no memorization.

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