That Is To Say

        You're meant not to have been forgotten,
        viz a bestest friend who'll never be not,
        viz fitting each edge curve and turn of my body,
        viz who doesn't keep me from going back,
        viz who breathes into me as would a god,
        viz knows every one of my words by heart,
        viz enjoys wasting good time on me,
        viz isn't in it for yourself,
        viz is in my anything right I say or do,
        viz even accepts me inexact,
        viz every poem I'll have ever tried,
        viz whose scent's with me after you've left,
        viz still part of me when we're most apart,
        viz whom I'd hear even were I to be deaf,
        viz the smile I can cry on my insides,
        viz no matter what else still I can touch,
        viz waking beside no one else,
        viz both always and never enough,
        viz beyond all loss of my memory,
        viz who I want father to my son,
        viz my nothing but my one,
        viz you you you you you you,
        viz my dear my only my David,
        vis-à-Vis, viz my ever forever beloved.

1 Response to “That Is To Say”

  1. 2012.09.02 at 2:19 pm

    Refreshing to see how proud you are of him. Beautiful to see how true you are to him. So inspiring to see how you do know. 

    Get ready to renew some of your other loves face to face. 

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