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With hearty thanks to Pearl, whom I’m show my trust in by accepting the company of versatile bloggers all around, although I haven’t yet shown much of what I’d think of as versatility here, but will take the cue to start changing that, so as to be worthy of what I’m thanking Pearl for.

Seven Things About Sara
I occasionally indulge in agoraphobic binges. Currently I’ve not stepped outside my own apartment since February 2010 (not counting two long walks with Maggie in August).
I wasn’t always as solitary as I am now, preferring my little space here. When I was 15, I walked from New York down past Washington, D.C.
Although I’ve lived in every major city of the United States, I’ve never been on foreign soil, not even up to Canada or over our border down to Mexico.
I don’t really write all that much, nor do I have plans to make anything of it. These days, for every single poem I get around to laying down, I read more than 50 others that real writers have written.
I’ve been hospitalized for a spell, I think they said it was for the anorexia, I wasn’t asked at the time. That’s where I met Maggie.
I will always be Maggie’s friend.
I’m Buttons’ person.

Ten More Versatile Bloggers
Ten? Do I even know that many other bloggers? Oh well, since the VB award didn’t put a deadline on this part, I’ll at least start it out, then will vow to eventually add more until I reach at least 10.
Maggie, for her Pearls
Most of what I know of poetry, I didn’t get from school nor from books nor from all the other heavy reading I do, but from being around Maggie, who lived and breathed pure poetry. I still read (my copy of all of) her Pearls every single day – even when she takes her breaks, her archives are well worth any time spent wandering through.


2 Responses to “about”

  1. 1 Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik
    2010.07.23 at 2:15 pm

    Sara This blog has won a Versatile Blogger Award which has some rules that go along with its conferral. Please visit my blog to learn more. Congratulations. (Are you on Facebook?… If so please forward to me)

  2. 2 Nyx
    2012.05.12 at 5:51 pm

    Loving your site title!

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