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Enough Then

Blue sun blinding my waking eye
turning me away from the kiss
I have been warned to avoid,
I had longed to wake to hold.
Take me back home, please.
I have been too long out across.

I won't want to change my mind.
Some loves want leaving behind.

Black snow stinging my open face
turning me back from the door
I have been threatened against,
I had longed to open since.
Take me back home, please.
I have been too long off here.

[posted for Sara
as of date written


Dread Aubade

                        Neighborhood's stirring. Meaning soon we wake.
                  it easy. When it comes time to, I'll help pack.
            in bed, you. Come let's turn our dream back on.
      will turn it off behind us after you're gone
         leaving me a day dropping in as unanticipated
            as being forgotten. God, of all you've created,
                                 take back dawn!


Choose Against Me

      Choose against me if you have to
            choose.  What would make it work
      together with the caustic excuse you
      choose against me?  If you have to
      make something up, by all means do
            so, love.  Any insignificant quirk
      choose against me if you have to.
            Choose what would make it work.


Ready To Go

                              You also must be ready, 
                        because the Son of Man will come
                        at an hour when you do not expect him.
                                    -Luke 12:40 (NIV)
      I'm ready to go the distance to perfect
      the love for which our bodies are elect,
      and to its holy end to then endure
      its worst temptations. Bring its allure
      on fast and hard, its passion leave unchecked.

      What image were you anxious to protect?
      Control? Composure? Mutual self-respect?
      As sure as any man might come, I'm sure
                                    I'm ready to go.

      And when we're finished, then to resurrect
      myself beyond the reach of night's neglect
      and in our bed's release to find its cure
      against the morning's promises de jour,
      to dress, to slip out. When you least expect
                                    I'm ready to go.


Just Say the Word

                        Rather long drive for a final visit.
                     Is it?
                  We'll memorialize it in rhyme, you.
                        Time, too?
            Yeah, headed here from day one.
                           Say, done?
      If you think so, where it lay, hon.
         But first, I can't take all the credit.
            It was meant like so once you said it.
                                    Is it time to say "done"?


See You Next Time?

                     So our hearts're free verse that won't rhyme?
                        Next time
               you feel the need to, don't ask me.   Just   go.
                              I'll know
         it wasn't anything me. It was always all you.
                                    Not to
      complain though. Nice to know when we're through.
         See, I'm letting go. I'm doing it right, right?
            My bad for thinking I was supposed to fight.
                                                Next time I'll know not to.


gotta run

[preface note: natuaral obsessive feel of constantly being on the run feels like it could easily carry the repetition of a villanelle, but i want this to be a very quick one, tight]

couplet will be:
sorry hun
gotta run

secondary rhyme: go

opening was originally going to take “go” until i decided on “let me go” instead of “time to go” – which made it feel better left to the close
take “no” for an answer on the opening then – giving me the following first draft for start & end

sorry hun
one more? no
gotta run

over, done
let me go
sorry hun
gotta run

candidate remaining primary rhymes: fun none begun one (by one)
for the secondary rhyme, briefly thought to slip in some soft endings, as suggested by how i could go with –

won by one
lost by both
sorry hun

(but nothing else goes that direction – after all, i’m not filling in a rhyming crossword puzzle here – aiming for something “sorry hun / gotta run” is whispering in my ear – if what i’ve got won’t go there, i’ll rip out the “go” line & work something else in)

once begun
hit plateau
sorry hun

it was fun
now? hello?
gotta run

one by one
quid pro quo
sorry hun

last words? none
think as though
gotta run

[which concludes the first draft – might tweak or tighten or shift, but that gives enough for hit & run]

formal attire

short of breath

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