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Enough Then

Blue sun blinding my waking eye
turning me away from the kiss
I have been warned to avoid,
I had longed to wake to hold.
Take me back home, please.
I have been too long out across.

I won't want to change my mind.
Some loves want leaving behind.

Black snow stinging my open face
turning me back from the door
I have been threatened against,
I had longed to open since.
Take me back home, please.
I have been too long off here.

[posted for Sara
as of date written


Out Down the Street

     I don’t get out much, not anymore.

     This past August I ventured outside
     for two aimless walks with Maggie.
     And yes, I went awol for September,
     but that dump was a hell that doesn’t
     even meet up with biblical standards.
     Connie and Lena persuaded me to sit
     out in the park one evening last week,
     so I might meet the new guy upstairs,
     whom I’ve managed to visit twice since
     for mundane movies and casual company.

     I won’t make a habit of getting out.
     I’ve gone most everywhere I care to.

     I only work right right where I am.

     Oh! Then here comes Robert tempting
     us out and through and around and in
     places and scenes and venues and homes
     whereabouts through your eye and word
     just like those doors on Monsters Inc.

     I’ll invite you to visit my little room
     if I get to join you wherever you go.
                                   [posted for Sara as of date written;
                                   originally posted at Poetic Asides]

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