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Not Enough

     Not enough dark to fill the night I left behind,
          not enough cold to take up the void I dropped,
               not enough pain to make it feel real again,
                    not enough heat to burn off the shame
                         of not having the strength to fight
                              to stay to know to die to see
                                   to touch that singular
                                        turning away I
                                             should have
                                                  done to

Dread Aubade

                        Neighborhood's stirring. Meaning soon we wake.
                  it easy. When it comes time to, I'll help pack.
            in bed, you. Come let's turn our dream back on.
      will turn it off behind us after you're gone
         leaving me a day dropping in as unanticipated
            as being forgotten. God, of all you've created,
                                 take back dawn!


Keeping Track

                     The day I've wanted hangs just out of reach.
               time I stretch, it moves farther away.
         in day out, when do I get the bounce?
      Whenever, I'll be prepared to pounce
         on every single moment, front to back.
            I won't've lost a one.  I'm keeping track.
                                    Each day counts.


Services Wanted

      I want to be held
            without being held back.

      I want to be touched
            without being touched up.

      I want to be kissed
            without being kissed off.

      I want to get laid
            without being laid aside.


deep indigo

       let go, gently let go
       our impractical senses
       turning logically cold
       to see and touch inside
       out our pain, our passion


Moonlight Soul Shopper

   Midnight moonlight sliced through window boards
   into the river tavern like a hot moist tease.
   Does casual choice bring its own rewards
   or does chance make up its own penalties?
   Straight in she burst as though everything they'd ever sinned,
   violent as wildfire, as loose turned open as a hard winter wind
   losing any and all controls,
   like men grasping at their beers for any pleasure within range,
   like women wrapped at their poles.
   She asked "Who here wants what you're wanting most to exchange?
   I've come here shopping for souls."

   For each customer a uniquely crafted flirt,
   for each piece of soul a close fitting bait.
   Tonight only pleasure, no one gets hurt,
   nothing to hold back, no need to wait.
   Her shopping filled the shot glass to every risqué toast,
   her trade in kind proving you ever only sacrifice most
   what you most already lack.
   Each ran up the tab no thought to what might get owed
   when the glitter had faded black,
   lining up rounds on the house years on down the road
   on the odd chance she'd be back.

   Left last sat a stranger only passing through —
   "No thanks," he resisted, "my soul's all I'm not.
   My heart's already stolen by every love I knew.
   I lost my family wealth, my real name I forgot.
   My head's gone lost the instant this crazy journey commenced.
   Forgive me but no, my soul's all I've left going up against
   what's left of who I am.
   Neither magic nor science nor darkest art
   will get to me, sweet ma'am.
   I'll not shop my soul, it's the only part
   for which I give a damn."

   "Your name I will put on every man's tongue.
   The most precious riches'll be yours to own.
   Your heart, your love will go back to young.
   Your mind'll be the greatest minds've known.
   Don't decide between, you're not forced to choose
   one or the other, take them all, what's to lose
   that you wouldn't want to?"
   Her lips were the wheel, her eyes the dice,
   her body the devil's due
   doubled down as the stranger named his price,
   "The cost of my soul is you."
   As darkness turned away flew our buyer's kiss,
   as darkness turned back lay our seller's loss,
   at morning's first light came a lover to miss
   and a silence with no song to make it across.
   The hole left in moonsetting fog where she'd taken off
   felt so real, he could feel her word calling back soft, soft
   as away his own word passed.
   And when the music driven through forgotten dreaming stopped
   in the shadow he now cast
   was when he knew his soul was not the first she'd shopped
   nor was it to've been her last.


Things I Love

   The things I love, they've helped to pull me through:
   my Button, a photograph you'd wanted, and my guitar —
   Too bad for both of us, none of them's still you.

   What pain's not healed by the kiss of a kitten's mew?
   At least her friendship's touches'll carry far
   the things I love.  They've helped to pull me through.

   This rare snapshot of you kissing up you know who
   now off fighting things more likely to leave a scar
   too bad for both of us. None of them's still you.

   Soft chords with words, though I know only a few
   of ones you were known for singing at our local bar
   the things I love.  They've helped to pull me through.

   I pet, I pray, I play. What's more to do?
   The things left on my wishlist, they're subpar,
   too bad for both of us. None of them's still you.

   I'd share the love, knew I where to send me to.
   At least write say how long away you are?
   The things I love, they've helped to pull me through —
   Too bad for both of us, none of them's still you.

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short of breath

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